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Southern PMI Solutions

PMI (Positive Material Identification) Testing

PMI Testing (Positive material identification testing) is a widely utilized non-destructive testing (NDT) method used to verify the identification and chemical make up of metal alloys. Assurance can gained and validated that the chemical makeup of the metallic parts has the correct percentage of key elements. Incorporating PMI testing into routine manufacturing and material control procedures is the first line defense against sub-standard or non-conforming materials in process.

PMI Services

Southern PMI Solutions provide comprehensive PMI Testing and material verification services across the UK, ensuring quality of service and documentation.

Available for either in-house or on-site inspections, our trained & certified engineers are qualified for general industrial, zoned petrochemical (on-shore & offshore) as well as mining, foundry and material storage facilities. Typical requirements for PMI Testing include but are not limited to:

  • Stock material identification / verification
  • Casting identification / verification
  • Production verification on welded fabrications
  • Pipework or pipeline testing
  • Element testing
  • 3rd party witness inspection and accreditation
  • Metal sorting

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Southern PMI Benefits

By selecting Southern PMI solutions for your PMI Testing needs, customer receive the following benefits:

  • Customer focused service
  • Fast, certified and accurate results
  • Validation & verification of a broad range of material grades & types
  • Expedited turnaround of certification and document packages
  • Immediate feedback during on-site assessment
  • Field testing in multiple environments with maintained laboratory standards
  • Reduced customer cost and risk from adopting non-conforming materials in manufacture
  • Compliance to legal, environmental and government requirements

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